Colugo, Primates, Rabbits and Rodents

This photo album contains two galleries; the first display images from the colugo, primate, and rabbit families, placed in orders Dermoptera, Primates, and Lagomorpha. The second gallery features rodents such as squirrels, agoutis, coypus, mice, and rats in order Rodentia. See Taxonomy note at the end of this page.

Colugo, Primates and Rabbits

Colugo, Primate and Rabbit Notes

Apart from the Silvered Leaf Monkey and European Rabbit, both ‘Red List 2020-2’ as ‘Near Threatened’, all other featured species are ‘Least Concern’.

Sunda Flying Lemur is an arboreal animal that glides. They are endemic to Indochina and the Sundaland area, which includes Singapore.

Long-tailed Macaque occupies a wide variety of forest habitats in SE Asia. Abundant in Malaysia and reserves and parks in Singapore where I photographed them.

Silvered Leaf Monkey found throughout SE Asia and Indonesia in forests. So-called because the grey-white hairs give them a silvery appearance.

European Rabbit photographed in England where it is a non-native naturalised species and ‘Red Listed’ as ‘Not Assessed’. In Australia, it is an introduced species where it considered to be a pest. The ‘Near Threatened’ status is applicable in its home range in the Iberian Peninsula.


Rodent Notes

All the featured species are ‘Red List 2020-2’ assessed as ‘Least Concern’. About forty per cent of all mammals are rodents. They have a single pair of continuously growing incisors and are amongst the most successful of all mammals.

American Red Squirrel is one of the smaller tree squirrels being brownish or reddish with white underparts. These native North American species occupy many types of forest and woodland and thrive in urban areas.

Grey Squirrels are native to eastern North American where they prefer extensive, diversely vegetated woodlands. A successful introduced species to Great Britain forced the native red squirrels from most of their range. Frequent visitors to gardens and often consider being a pest.

Himalayan Striped Squirrel found in forests above 700 m in the northern Indomalaya region. I photographed them at Fraser’s Hill in Malaysia.

Plantain Squirrel occurs in a wide range of habitats including parks and semi-urban areas. Distribution is southern Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and western Indonesia islands.

Mountain Red-bellied Squirrel (or Pallas’s Squirrel) prefers forested areas above 900 m. Found in parts of the northern Indomalaya region. I photographed this species at Fraser’s Hill in Malaysia.

Grey-bellied Squirrel occupies a variety of habitats including forests, parks, and gardens. I photographed them in Peninsular Malaysia; their distribution also includes Peninsular Burma, and Thailand but not Singapore.

Finlayson’s Squirrel inhabits Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam. An introduced species in Singapore, where I photographed them, and in Japan and Italy where both countries list them as an invasive species.

Slender Squirrel distribution includes Peninsular Malaysia, Borneo, and Sumatra with populations in Singapore’s Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, Central Catchment Area, and the Botanic Gardens.

Wood Mouse native to Europe, northwestern Africa; occupy a wide range of habitats including woodland, grassland, and gardens. Although mainly nocturnal, I photographed this individual in my back garden on a sunny day. There is a nest under my greenhouse and will eat my seeds if not stored in a sealed container.

Black Rat a global pest that prefers coastal and aquatic areas often living in roof spaces.

Red-rumped Agouti native to North Eastern South America found in forests.

Coypu is native to South America with feral populations in Europe, Asia, and North America. Prefers habitat that includes marshes, lake edges, and streams with vegetated banks. I photographed these mammals in Normandy and the Camargue in France.

Colugo, Primates, Rabbits and Rodents Taxonomy

The Mammals Photo Album webpage describe the higher-level taxonomy for the featured families placed in superorder Euarchontoglires.

Colugo, Primates and Rabbits gallery features species from three families:
(a) Cynocephalidae (Colugo), Order Dermoptera (Arboreal Gliding Mammals),
(b) Cercopithecidae (Old World Monkeys), Order Primates (Primates),
(c) Leporidae (Rabbits), Order Lagomorpha.

Rodents gallery displays species from four families:
(a) Muridae (Old World Mice and Rats) part of superfamily Muroidea (Mice, Rats, Gerbils, and relatives), Suborder Myomorpha.
(b) Sciuridae (Squirrels) placed in suborder Sciuromorpha,
(c) Dasyproctidae (Agoutis), and Myocastoridae (Coypus) part of infraorder Hystricognathi (Hystricognath Rodents).