Trinidad Wildlife and Nature Travel

Photo albums of Trinidad Nature featuring flora and fauna images. And, the highlights include photos of birds at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Leatherback Turtles at Grande Riviere. Also, at Trinidad’s West Coast Mudflats, Caroni Swamp, and La Vega Estate Nature Park.

Trinidad Wildlife and Nature is one reason travellers visit Trinidad as the birdwatching is outstanding. Another reason is for the annual Carnival, but not for me. Trinidad, together with Tobago, is an island republic in the Caribbean just off the northeast coast of Venezuela. The republic is wealthy with an industrial petrochemical-based economy and reliable financial services, and fledgeling tourism industry. As independent travellers, we had some concerns about personal safety, mainly because of high crime levels, sometimes aimed at tourists. Therefore, I planned the tour with security high on the agenda. However, most crime is drug or domestic-related.

The Veranda at Asa Wright Nature Centre in the Arima Valley, Trinidad

Flora and Fauna at Asa Wright Nature Centre

The album comprises several galleries of fauna and flora photographed at Asa Wright Nature Centre. Moreover, staying at the Lodge on a full board basis gives excellent nature photo opportunities from dawn to dusk.

Birds at Asa Wright Nature Centre and Lodge

The main draw at Asa Wright Nature Centre is birdwatching. Also, excellent opportunities for photographing wildlife from the veranda, along the trails and in the garden. Furthermore, a guided half-day orientation tour along the discovery trail and a second to view oilbirds at Dunston Cave.

Birds and Leatherback Turtles at Grande Riviere

Grande Riviere is on the northwest coast, and in season, Leatherback Turtles nest on the beach. Mt Plaisir Estate Hotel fronts the beach. However, the Turtle Village Trust restrict beach access at night. But, when day breaks, photo opportunities open as stragglers may still be nesting.

Day Trips by Car from Port of Spain

Port of Spain is a good base for day trips to Chaguaramas Peninsula, the north coast road, Arima and Mt. St. Mt St Benedict Abbey. Furthermore, wildlife hot spots such as Caroni Swamp, Orange Valley Mudflats and La Vega Estate are within easy reach.

Trinidad’s West Coast Mudflats

The Trinidad west coast mudflats occur from Port of Spain to Godineau River in the south. The area includes Caroni Swamp and the villages of Waterloo and Orange Valley.

La Vega Estate Garden Centre and Nature Park

A commercial plant nursery with recreational facilities, including lakes and signposted nature trails. Moreover, you can tour the grounds by car, and it is not busy on weekdays.

Tour Plan and Accommodation

My wife and I arrived in Trinidad in the early evening for a three-week stay in April 2015. We decided to stay in a hotel near Piarco airport to avoid travelling at night. So, we took a taxi to Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) for a four-night stay in the morning. Next, Mt Plaisir Estate Hotel arranged a car transfer to Grande Riviere on Trinidad’s northeast coast. We stayed here for four nights over a long weekend before transferring back to the airport. Here we picked up a hire car and drove to our accommodation, the Gingerbread House in Port of Spain, our base for the next couple of weeks.

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